Saturday Blues

Have you ever felt that you don’t have anything to do?

That you wrangle your brain for ideas on how to entertain yourself, but sadly you end up being disappointed, so….

Do you have any ideas? Any interests? Any hobbies? Any extracurriculars?

Or are you sitting at home on a Saturday afternoon wondering what to do with your life, while the rest of your peers are going out having normal social interactions with their friends.

So, let me ask you, what is the real definition of social interaction?

Well since I haven’t had any, except for the mandatory regulated amount of school, I decided to march on forth and research it.

What is social interaction? Well according to a psychology based website, which I should probably attend more often, it’s a process of reciprocal stimulation or response between two people.

In order to go out into the world, and initially confront my current problem of beating the factors that social interactions include, I decided to go out into the streets near my apartment and experience the so-called friendliness of complete strangers wandering the streets.

All that I could find was this old man playing an accordion absolutely beautifully, each sound puffing out as if it could only release one last breath. Each second I could feel the increase of life being plunged into my desperate heart, and suddenly I realized that it doesn’t matter about the amount of friends you have or how you spend that one single Saturday, but instead about how you spend the entirety of those Saturdays, so if you end up spending one of those Saturdays watching Netflix and eating pizza, is that really so bad? As long as you enjoy it, it shouldn’t matter.

//Listen to the music//

//Listen to the music//

So, go out there and spend your Saturday in the best way possible. For me it is writing this entry to entertain myself and hopefully you, now what are you doing on this lovely evening?

Xx and you will succeed.